Unclaimed Money — It Could Be Your's!

Happy Australian FamilyDo you know that billions of dollars that are rightfully yours and mine are held in various Government institutions as unclaimed/lost money? Do you know that around 98% of that ends up as Government revenue?

The National Branch of Unclaimed Money are dedicated to reuniting owners with their money by working in conjuction with various Government agencies and departments. As professional recovery agents we specialise in searching out the likely owner and carry out extensive investigative work. Upon positive proof of identity we offer a specialised service in recovering your unclaimed money.

We are concerned that only a very low percentage of owners ever claim their money. Most are simply unaware of their entitlement and eventually lose it to Government revenue. Currently there is almost $10 billion in unclaimed monies. If you are the owner of some of this money, let the experts act on your behalf to ensure successful return of your entitlement.

At the National Branch of Unclaimed Money, we are commited to ensuring that these unclaimed funds are returned to the rightful owners. Our professional services include:

  • Tracking down potential owners
  • Verifying ownership
  • Recovering the unclaimed/lost money
  • Remitting money to the rightful owners with full documentation

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